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Semi Precious StonesSemi precious stones
Set up the stoneSetting the stone on silver casting
The semi precious stones is a fragile things, it's take really carefully to set up the stones in the jewelry. Small size stone is the fragile one. It can be easilly cracked/broken if we not carefully handle it.

Silversmith processRefining the silver shape
Silversmith processSetting the stone on silver casting
Many kind of tools we use to set up the stones perfectly and gives the best result.

Gold PlongThe silversmith make gold plong
from the gold plate 18K
Gold PlongSet up the gold plong on silver jewelry
We also use 18K gold plong in our jewelry. Different variation of gold plong makes the silver jewelry more valuable.

PolishingPolishing Machine
PolishingPolishing the silver.
Polishing is a process to make the silver shiny. We must predict how long we will take this process. Too much polishing cause the lost of silver jewelry motif.

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver bracelet with Balinese motif and 18K gold
Silver Jewelry Pendant
Crocodile motif pendant of sterling silver jewelry
Final result of our silver jewelry. Create directly from Bali manufacturer. Offer sterling silver jewelry with top quality of semi precious stones and 18K gold.


» Over 1000 models from which to choose
» Our silver is .925 pure sterling
» Available in different color of stones
» We can create custom designs especially for you
» All our Original designs are registered and copyrighted
» Get special discount for large quantities order

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