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Silver has been used for many centuries, going back to ancient times and early European, silverwork has been lost forever. The silver tradition was carried over to colonial America , where it co-existed with the centuries-old hand-hammered craft traditions of the North and South American natives.
Silver is the most common of the Precious Metals. It’s working qualities are very similar to gold. Pure silver, which is seldom used for jewelry because it is too soft. Silver weights about half as much as gold and has greater flexibility. Though silver is not as malleable as gold it can achieve a more brilliant polish. In fact, silver shines above all other metals in this respect.
But because it tarnishes and decomposes; it has not survived as well as gold. Unfortunately, silver's high utility meant that items were often melted down and re-forged into new items.
Periodically, however, silver enjoys great popularity as it does currently. In recent years, silver has lost much of its value as a reserve metal and a traded commodity.

However, its low price often means it acts as a leading metal in jewelry fashion - allowing silver craftsmen freedom to experiment with new and innovative designs, which are later duplicated in more expensive gold and platinum, once the "style" is safely established. Pure form silver is almost as soft as gold, and therefore is usually alloyed with copper for strength. A number of reasons top the list - affordability, durability, versatility and the knowledge that the precious gift of a sterling silver jewelry is a gift that will span the ages of time.


Fine Silver in its natural state, 999/1000 pure, is too soft an element for practical jewelry. To make it workable, an alloy such as copper is added. Here are the main silver alloys:
Sterling Silver : A mixture of 92.5 % pure silver (925 parts) and 7.5 % metal alloy.
Silver Plating : Also known as silver plated or silver coated. A base metal, usually nickel silver or brass, is coated with a layer of pure silver by a process called electroplating

Silver Jewelry Tarnishing with Age

While a polished silver necklace is of a bright whitish color, the metal silver tarnishes quite easily. As time passes, your silver jewelry turns dark in color. You have to constantly polish your silver jewelry to keep it shiny and white. But amazingly, some silver jewelry piece look much better as it tarnishes. For some silver jewelry that has intricate designs, the etched part tarnishes first, and somehow the tarnishing helps it in showing the design beautifully.
Therefore, it is advisable that if your silver necklaces and other jewelry items have intricate etches and engravings, just allow them to slightly tarnish. You may polish your silver lightly but only on the surface. The obvious contrast between the shiny whitish surface and the tarnished black insides of etches will give your silver necklace or jewelry a lot more character.

Carrying Silver Jewelry
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When you have a silver jewelry that you love, you will not let something bad overcome it and make yours jewelry not valuable again. Here's some tips to keep yours silver jewelry in good condition:

*Store your silver in a cool, dry place that is preferably airtight, to avoid oxidation. Avoid direct overexposure to artificial light or sunlight for long periods. Don't store directly on wood, which often contains acids that can affect silver's surface.
*Store items in a tarnish-proof cloth, or in drawers with tarnish-resistant strips. Store each item individually, either in its own soft pouch or in a separate compartment of your jewelry box. Do not store silver loose in drawers; scratches will occur if you toss your jewelry into a compartment or allow pieces to rub against each other.
*If a piece of silver jewelry becomes tarnished, use a paste, liquid polish or a treated polishing cloth to restore its original luster. Never put rubber bands or plastic directly against the surface of your silver.

Definitely, silver is a very interesting metal to make quality jewelry. Because of its rather inexpensive price, silver is used often to set many semi-precious pieces and stones and create lots of exciting designs combine with customized motif.

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