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Spa and Wellness

Bali today has become the leader of Spas in South East Asia. Almost all de-luxe hotels offer unique top class Spa facilities where guests enjoy luxurious treatment and pampering, for which Indonesia is so justly famous.

Here you will be spoilt with aromatherapy massages, herbal wraps and scrubs with essential oils, foot reflexology, detoxification, from highly respected traditional treatments once only enjoyed by princesses in the ancient courts, to modern technology methods.

Bali is an island that produces great artists and artisans, where creativity exudes from every village. Painters, woodcarvers and dancers are experts, with artistic traditions handed down from generation to generation. Your best buy in Bali, therefore, will be paintings.

For best paintings visit at leisure the galleries at Ubud, and admire artists at work, before you decide which painting you like best. Most Balinese paintings go best with a Bali carved wooden frame.
Cultural Performances

In Bali, dance and dramas are an inseparable part of daily temple devotion and celebrations, and many are held sacred. Each village has a different date of festivities, and a visitor may therefore, accidentally watch dance performances that are not staged for tourists.

However, Bali villages do offer cultural performances catering to tourists. The Barong dance is staged mornings in the village of Batubulan. This is the eternal story of the fight between good and evil.
Benoa Mangrove Tour

Another interesting eco-tour is a trip through the Mangrove forests via elevated wooden boardwalks. The forests are located near Benoa Harbour at Suwung Kau, some 21 km. south of Denpasar. The Mangrove Information Center, opened in 2003, is dedicated to the study and preservation of the region's coastal mangroves. Covering an area of about 200 hectares there are nursery plots occupying 7,700 square-meters, wooden boardwalk trails for observation and exploration huts for resting and meditation and floating decks.
Bali Barat National Park

For serious trekking, head for the Bali Barat National Park at the western part of the island. This is a large park covering 76,312 hectares in the districts of Jembrana and Buleleng. Entrance at the Jembrana side is at Melaya off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway.

The Park offers pristine tropical nature, and is the last home of the most endangered Bali starling with only some one hundred remaining. These are very pretty white birds, with black wing tips and a brilliant blue streak around their eyes.
Rafting, Cycling and Eco-tours

Bali offers first class adrenaline pumping white water rafting down the spectacular Ayung River by Ubud. Here you can also go bungy-jumping from a cliff down to almost touch the river.

If you enjoy cycling, Ubud and its surrounding is a wonderful town to bike around, as found by Elizabeth Gilbert, written in her bestselling novel “Eat, Pray, Love”. There are also good cycling paths at Uluwatu in the south.
Surfing and Diving in Bali

A good start for surfers is Kuta beach. But the best waves in Bali are at Uluwatu, at the southern tip of Bali, which is the site for international competitions.

Here are the long, and perfectly formed hollow-barreled reef-breaks at 3 unique lefts, while at Nusa Dua and Sanur 3 complementary rights can be found. The time to surf is during April through September when winds are predominantly east-southeast. .
Bali Safari and Marine Park

Surfing and Diving in Bali Rising majestically on the western slopes of Mount Agung, and referred to as the Mother Temple of Hindu Bali, is Pura Besakih, or the Besakih temple, covering a vast area that offers breathtaking mountain scenery surrounding this beautiful and artistic temple complex.

Facing Mt. Agung’s highest peak, believed to be the abode of the gods, and located at an altitude of 900 meters, Pura Besakih is built in the village of Besakih, in the eastern part of Bali.


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